Monday, September 04, 2006

TBS Recommended: M. Ward- Post-War

M. Ward has always been one of the most unique voices in this decade's Americana scene, and this, his fourth full length, is a huge step forward for Ward - the youngest man with the oldest voice. Post-War, with its layered (or more layered, anyways) production, is a bit of a departure for long-time fans of Ward's bare-bones, ghostly-warm crooning. But like all good artists, Ward is evolving. While prior albums found Ward dwelling lyrically and stylistically on the antiquated, Post-War sounds surprisingly modern. "To Go Home," one of two Daniel Johnston covers on the record, is a beautifully orchestrated celebratory romp, complete with layered vocals compliments of Ms. Neko Case, crescendoing drums and a triumphant ending. Fans of his trademark serene nighttime folk still have the title track and "Rollercoaster." Ward retains his AM radio/campfire singalong charm we're used to hearing (see: "One Life Away" from last year's Transistor Radio and 2003's "Transfiguration #1" from Transfiguration of Vincent), while making the most of his ample studio time. What we are left with is an excellent example of folk sensibilities in a modern setting from an artist that appreciates the value of both. More singer-songwriters should strive for what Ward has so effortlessly achieved over the course of four albums - a unique take on the same old tricks.


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