Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grizzly Bear

A full grown Grizzly Bear can reach close to 1,800 pounds and reach heights of close to 7 feet when standing on its hind legs. In the wild, Grizzlies can live between 25 and 30 years. But what can't a Grizzly Bear do that a group of four Brooklyn-based musicians that perform under the moniker of Grizzly Bear can? Make one of the year's most impressive experimental indie folk albums, that's what. Did you appreciate what Animal Collective was going for, but find yourself kind of creeped out and confused at times? Try these guys, who perfectly blend gentle, detached folk (The Microphones, Nick Drake) with symphonic atmospherics (Sigur Ros) and incredible multi-part harmonies (Beach Boys). "Knife" is a standout track that actually has a bit of an old-school r&b/soul/doo-wop feel to it that reminds me of Brightblack Morning Light. Freak-wop? Alterna-soul?

Their new album Yellow House comes out on September 4th. The guys are opening for indie superstars TV On The Radio this fall, which is yet another concert that I can't afford but will probably cave in and go to anyways.

Tour Dates:
10-02 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom #
10-03 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom #
10-04 Seattle, WA - Showbox #
10-07 Fargo, ND - Playmakers Pavilion #
10-08 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue #
10-09 Chicago, IL - Metro #
10-10 Detroit, MI - Saint Andrew's Hall #
10-12 Toronto, Ontario - Opera House Concert Venue #
10-13 Montreal, Quebec - Le National #
10-14 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club #
10-19 Washington, DC - TBA
10-20 Baltimore, MD - Sonar Lounge #
10-21 Philadelphia, PA - Starlight Ballroom #

Grizzly Bear- Knife from Yellow House

An awesome video of the band performing "Knife" acapella on the streets of Paris:


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