Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's Rock n Roll, baby...

Bands like Vancouver, B.C.'s Ladyhawk make me think this whole "reinventing the wheel" and "being experimental" thing is so last year. I mean what is the point when you can just get together with a few of your friends, drink a few Pabst, turn your amps up to 11 and crank out some rock n roll music like your dad used to? Not everyone has to try to be Radiohead. There's no shame in making strait-up rock music, as long as you do it like these guys do: sloppy, loud and passionate as hell. These guys are one of the more promising parts of this whole indie "return to rock" thing. (Translation: fuck Wolfmother.)

Ladyhawk- The Dugout from Ladyhawk

Ladyhawk- Came In Brave
from Ladyhawk


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