Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Four days between posts? What a bad blogger I am. Apologies; learning half-assed bluegrass songs for a friend's wedding, entertaining another friend in the country from Brazil and working for no pay keeps me busy. But speaking of Brazil, I have something for you. You may hate it - you'd be well within your rights to do so. But I promise you'll be entertained at least for a bit. Guillemots are the newest British export, and are above average as far as British-hyped bands go. Think Coldplay/Jamie Cullum, but slightly less annoying (only slightly) and with extravagant symphonic work behind it all. My disdain for a majority of Britpop keeps me from really enjoying it, but this track, the album's closer, is pretty damn impressive, I must say.

Guillemots- Sao Paulo from Through The Windowpane


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