Saturday, August 05, 2006

Turn it up to 11

It's August, the sun it out, the birds and the bees are doing their thing and even those of us that are more predisposed to mellowness feel the need to drive real fast with the windows down and listen to loud, fast and happy music. August is made for rocking out. It is, therefore, time for some Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Guy knows how to blend all the good parts of punk, pop and indie music. Plus you have be pretty balls-to-the-wall to be able to bang your head to a bloody pulp on the microphone to end your set, as Leo reportedly did at the Pitchfork Festival last week. Guy puts on a bonkers live show if you get the chance.

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Timorous Me
from The Tyranny of Distance

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone from Hearts of Oak

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Me And Mia from Shake The Sheets

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Since You've Been Gone (Kelly Clarkston cover)/Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Kyle Funk said...

The bleeding forehead was about the awesomest shit I've ever seen live. I don't even really care for Ballad of Sin Eater on the album, but it was easily one of the best songs of the weekend at Pitchfork.


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