Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ray LaMontagne acts like petulant little child, cancels tour; Ryan Adams continues kicking ass, taking names, occasionally snorting devil's dandruff

Generally pleasant yet apparently thin-skinned singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has been making a bit of a name for himself recently for on-stage tantrums and canceling tours, inevitably inviting comparisons to other folky primadonnas such as His Excellency David Ryan Adams. Adams is currently back playing 29-song shows with an incarnation of his best backing band since Whiskeytown, The Cardinals, and, if unsubstantiated posts on messageboards are a legitimate source (they are, we've covered this before), is planning to record three more albums next year. These three albums will likely be good to great (all three released last year), terrible (Rock N Roll) or not be released at all (The Strokes cover album, a warehouse full of other material).

Now I have nothing against Ray LaMontagne. Trouble was a nice little album, and the guy impressed the hell out of me when I saw him at the Sasquatch Festival two years ago. But refusing to play a show because people are too loud or disrespectful when you're in a bar or opening for a band whose median fan age is 16 just silly. Plus, if you're going to blow up and look like an asshole, at least do it with some style, as Mr. Adams did in his famous "Summer of '69" blowup at the Ryman Auditorium:
Adams was playing at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium when an audience member yelled out "play 'Summer Of '69,'" referencing the hit by Canadian superstar Bryan Adams. It seems that young Ryan is a little tired of the Bryan Adams jokes, because he pulled a major freakout.

Maybe Ryan would've preferred "Run To You" or "Cuts Like A Knife."

According to the Associated Press, Adams started cussing violently and then ordered the light technician to turn the house lights on. Once the lights were up, Adams found the fan who made the request and singled him out. Adams personally refunded the guy the $30 that he paid for the ticket and kicked the guy out, refusing to continue the show until the guy had left the theatre.

On his way out, the unidentified and, more than likely, confused fan was stopped by the manager of the auditorium, who apologized for Adams' bizarre behaviour. The man returned to his seat and pocketed Adams' 30 bucks.
And finally, until you write something of this caliber, you haven't reached the point where acting like this is acceptable:

Ryan Adams- In My Time of Need
from Heartbreaker

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Tour Dates, which are eternally subject to change:

Jul 27 Myrtle Beach SC House of Blues
Jul 28 Charleston SC Charleston Music Hall
Jul 29 Atlanta GA The Tabernacle
Aug 1 Nashville TN The Ryman
Aug 2 St Louis MO The Pageant
Aug 3 Indianapolis IN The Vogue
Aug 4 Chicago IL Lollapalooza
Sep 8 Anaheim CA House of Blues
Sep 9 San Diego CA House of Blues
Sep 10 Los Angeles CA Hollywood Bowl
Sep 21 Newcastle UK Newcastle Academy
Sep 22 Glasgow UK Glasgow Academy
Sep 24 Nottingham UK Rock City
Sep 25 Birmingham UK Birmingham Academy
Sep 27 Cambridge UK Corn Exchange
Sep 28 Manchester UK Manchester Academy 1
Sep 30 London UK Shepherds Bush Empire
Oct 3 Amsterdam NL Paradiso
Oct 6 Koln DE Kantine
Oct 7 Assen NL Take Root Festival
Oct 9 Hamburg DE Ubel & Gefaehrlich
Oct 10 Berlin DE Postbahnhof
Oct 12 Munich DE Muffathalle
The weather in Seattle in early September is beautiful, Ryan. Plus coke grows on the trees.


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I heart you Caleb Heeringa. No matter how cracked out Mr. Adams gets, he's still my hero.


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