Monday, July 10, 2006

WTF? (or Brightblack Morning Light)

Forgive the over-the-top simile, but listening to Brightblack Morning Light is like wandering out in the woods on a beautiful spring day, hearing mysterious sounds floating through the air and coming upon a clearing where there is a rag tag group of hippies, hillbillies, burnouts and other sorts of riff raff drugged out of their minds and playing old school R&B/Funk/Soul music at half of its natural speed. Their new self-titled album is actually less creepy and much more appealing than that sounds. These guys have freak-folk roots (discovered by Will Oldham of Bonnie "Prince" Billy fame, friends with Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart, etc.), but this album is completely unique from what those guys are doing. I don't know if "freak soul" is a good buzzword, but it works better than anything else. The kicker? The two main songwriters reportedly live in the woods of Northern California in tents during the warm months and in a cabin during the colder months. Awesome stuff. Check out the track on their myspace. I would rarely use the word "groovy," but this grooves with the best of them.


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