Thursday, July 13, 2006

..and the second-best news of the day

Is The Arcade Fire one of "those"* bands, or was Funeral just a flash in the pan? Only time will tell, but this news looks really promising.
"The band went into the church ahead of me and my assistant James Ogilvie," Colburn wrote. "They recorded a sample of the organ playing a chord in different registers. Win called me and told me how excited he was about the organ. He said is [it] was super loud and so overwhelming that it brought a tear to his eye. I promptly called him a pussy.

"When I first walked into the church and saw the organ, I just stood dead in my tracks. 'Now THAT's a fucking pipe organ!' I thought... During the first take, I became overwhelmed by the grandeur of the whole thing. I heard that piece in it's finished state and it was magnificent! Tears rolled out of my eyes. I don't know what came over me, but it was a complete emotional release. The problem was that there were mics all around me, so I really couldn't sob. So I'm trying to hold back any kind of vocal component to this overwhelming joy I was experiencing.

"When the take was over, I took off my headphones and dryed my eyes on my shirt. James asked if i was OK and I said, 'yeah man, that was a great take!' I looked at Regine with my red eyes and said, 'awesome!' and then I thought...'whose [sic] the pussy now?'"

What better way to celebrate the Solstice than recording a pipe organ in a catholic church! I can not wait for you to hear this song. Every time I listen to the rough mix and it hits that key change I get choked up. Prepare yourself world! This record is simply amazing!

It's so refreshing to have a band that remembers why kids pick up guitars and get into music in the first place. A band that actually fucking cares and shows it every time they play.

* = decade/generation-defining bands that will be seen as classics 30 years from now; Radiohead, Wilco


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