Monday, August 28, 2006

Akron/Family on Letterman

Everyone's (my) favorite drugged out, shirtless, psychedelic-hippie-folk musicians are backing someone by the name of Baby Gramps on Letterman tonight. In all likelihood this is past my bedtime (I gots to get up early to pay the bills), but someone hook a brother up and capture it and put it online for me. K.thanx. Here's to hoping they dance around like the picture above. (Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the pic)

Not an EP, not quite a full length, (I need more corny Britney references on here) Meek Warrior comes out on September 25 and shows the band fighting their never-ceasing battle with self-indulgence with varied amounts of success.

Mark my words, these guys' self-titled album was one of the best pieces of music of 2005 and they have the talent and the drive to make a classic, genre-defining album. Focus, guys.

Meek Warrior tracklist:
01 Blessing Force
02 Gone Beyond
03 Meek Warrior
04 No Space in This Realm
05 The Lightning Bolt of Compassion
06 The Rider (Dolphin Song)
07 Love and Space

Akron/Family myspace


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