Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Radiohead, the blues and mythical monsters

So Radiohead is out touring again, playing some new material. I always hate trying to judge the quality of bands' material based on early live versions, but a couple of these sound like they could be amazing. All over the map, stylistically, yet just how you'd expect new Radiohead material to sound - completely foreign-sounding, yet hypnotically beautiful. "Bodysnatchers" and "15 Steps" are my favorites.

Radiohead- "15 Steps"

Radiohead- "Open Pick"

Radiohead- "Nude"

Radiohead- "Bodysnatchers"

If Radiohead is coming near you, go see them at any cost - especially if you have the chance to see The Black Keys open. Good lord that will be a lot of rocking on one stage - these guys put on one of the best rock shows I've ever seen. Here's "Have Mercy On Me," from the new Chulahoma EP, which consists of all old Junior Kimbrough covers and is the bluesiest stuff the band has ever done.

The Black Keys- "Have Mercy On Me"

And in other news, if you're going to the Sasquatch Festival (which you probably should be), the band schedule is up. (PDF file) If you're bad at making decisions, I'll give you some suggestions in the next couple weeks as far as what bands to see. But don't ask me what to do when Iron & Wine, Neko Case, Band of Horses and Korby Lenker are all playing around the same time. Tough choices to make.


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