Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A burning inferno of "Ba-ba-ba"

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names is a fun little Swedish indie pop group that makes music that is catchy and innocent, yet not as silly and trite as some of the indie pop out there. I'm not sure if they meant to name themselves after a David Berman lyric, but kudos to them either way. Here are two tracks, one from their first EP, brilliantly titled "#1," and their second EP, the equally brilliantly titled "#2." To top off the irony, both tracks are on last year's full length, entitled, you guessed it, "#3." Oh, those silly Swedes! Listen if you like: Belle & Sebastian, Jens Lenkman, etc.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- "Rent A Wreck"

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- Funeral Face


And in other news, has a new Sufjan Stevens Illinois B-side that's pretty decent.


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