Monday, April 24, 2006

I wish I knew how to quit you, Ryan Adams

So Ryan Adams live was everything I expected: absolutely mind blowing and completely frustrating simultaneously. The man went through a pack and a half of cigarettes, a bottle of wine and two other mixed drinks over the course of the show, took 3-4 minute breaks between songs to fidget with papers (apparently none of which contained the lyrics to "La Cienga Just Smiled") and carried on conversations with the picture of Jerry Garcia on the table next to him. And yet he somehow still managed to bring the house down on several occasions. "Sweet Lil Gal" to open the show was just bone chilling, and sounded much like the following version, from a 2002 show. It's hard to explain without being there and seeing the man belt out the high notes on the "she makes you feel nice" line while simultaneously smoking a cigarette. This fucker is so good it's unfair. If I get ahold of a good copy of the show and get permission, I'll host it for all y'all.

Ryan Adams- Sweet Lil Gal (10/20/2002)


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