Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Mind Me, It's Just That Vipers Define Me

That recent Pitchfork review of a Destroyer show was just ridiculously wrong. Great, great performance. Bejar has stage presence up the ying yang, though he rarely even spoke to the crowd between songs. Didn't matter. Songs sounded great and the Crocodile Cafe is an excellent venue, despite the hipsters being out in full force. David Bazan of Pedro The Lion was in the crowd and is just as nice and as genuine in real life as everyone says he is, though he doesn't wash his hands after using the urinal. But hey, after a few drinks, neither do I.

Portland's Norfolk & Western opened, and are actually really good. The band contains former members of the Decemberists, and sound a bit like them, though Colin Meloy isn't there to get all English-Grad-Student-y on you. Plus they did a downright decent cover of "Heart of Gold," which earns them 4 cool points in my book. Their album is called A Gilded Age, and the title track is full of banjo-y goodness. Keep your eye on these folks.

Norfolk & Western- The Guilded Age


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