Saturday, November 04, 2006

And I, I am a broken glass

I missed the blogging boat on these guys. Bishop Allen are an awesome Brooklyn-based indie pop group that is nearing the end of this year's "one EP a month" project. Amazingly, most of the songs sound just as well-developed as most bands' year-long projects. With a diverse sound and weary vocals like Wilco and a well-tempered earnestness like good Death Cab For Cutie, this is the sound of a band that knows how to construct a good pop song. Plus they wrote a song about Bellingham, WA. (Unless they mean the Bellingham in the UK.) "People That You Meet" sounds like a good Fiery Furnaces track without the random, wanky noise interludes.

Bishop Allen- Chinatown Bus from the May EP

Bishop Allen- People You Meet from the July EP

Speaking of Bellingham, I am going to try to do more blogging about bands from my quaint little town in the future.


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