Sunday, October 22, 2006


Busy weekend with an even busier week coming up, but a couple things bear mentioning:

1) I saw The Hold Steady for the second time this tour last night, and I don't know what exactly I can say anymore to make people understand how much I love this band. It's like I'm 13 and hearing rock music for the first time. Amazing show that included a drunken/shirtless Shawn Na Na to open, "Stevie Nix" and a view from the second row right in front. But who moshes anymore? I'm all about energy too, but if I wanted to get drunk and hurl myself at people I'd go play a pickup game of football. I guess that's a negative consequence of feeling like you're 13 again. Go see this band if you get a chance.

The Hold Steady- Killer Parties from 2004's Almost Killed Me

2) Elliott Smith died three years ago yesterday. Such a fucking shame. He's still one of the more talented composers in our era of pop music. I have no problem putting him with The Beatles and Beach Boys as far as the nuts-and-bolts of a pop song go.

Elliott Smith- Angeles from 1997's Either/Or


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