Friday, October 06, 2006

Tweedy DVD

Wilcoworld has a preview of the new Jeff Tweedy Solo DVD up. The song is kind of average, but the DVD looks and sounds great. Tweedy and My Morning Jacket are going to be in a battle for the best music-related DVD released this year. Here's the tracklist:
01 Sunken Treasure
02 Theologians
03 The Ruling Class
04 How to Fight Loneliness
05 Summerteeth
06 The Thanks I Get
07 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
08 ELT
09 Shot in the Arm
10 Black Eye
11 In a Future Age
12 Laminated Cat
13 (Was I) In Your Dreams
14 Airline to Heaven
15 Heavy Metal Drummer
16 War on War
17 Acuff Rose
Be excited to hear how "Airline To Heaven" and "Acuff Rose" sound.

Wilco & Billy Bragg- Airline To Heaven from 2000's Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2

Uncle Tupelo- Acuff Rose
from 1993's Anodyne


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