Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Like 3 shots to my head, the President's dead

Considering how much I've grown to love last year's Black Sheep Boy, I don't know why it took me so long to get ahold of the new Australian-only Okkervil River EP, but it was certainly my loss. With each passing album, Will Sheff writes better and better lyrics and the band sounds better and better behind him. "The President's Dead" shows it, but not as much as one of the band's best tracks yet, "Love To A Monster."

i grow tired of this song. i turn my eyes to the blond in the bleachers. she's a lovely young creature. i think she's seeking adventure. i think she's ready to see that the world isn't so sweet or so tender. i won't break her, just bend her, and make into my new ringer for you. i stay in the same comfy town, write the same old songs down, drive the same streets, seek the same sense of dull peace, whisper the same sweet words to the chippies. the same walk by the road and the same muddy snow's finally leaving, but i'll fight off the spring; I don't want lovely things, i don't want the earth new.
Ouch. Breakup song of the year?

Okkervil River- The President's Dead from Overboard and Down EP

Okkervil River- Love To A Monster from Overboard and Down EP


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