Saturday, October 28, 2006

Okkervil River: 10/15/06 - Bowery Ballroom

In the words of Tall Buildings Shake's first guest blogger, Ms. Alexa Sparks:

Okkervil River - an amazing band with good hair. Basically everyone should like them. They played two shows this month at New York City's Bowery Ballroom (which, in my opinion, is a pretty sweet venue.) The Saturday night show was sold out, but I was able to go to the Sunday night show. I would be curious to find out what the set list was like on Saturday, because I speculate that they were different. I dug that they had a lot of variety in the songs they played - lots of older songs off of Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See, as well as newer ones from Black Sheep Boy, which has received heavy listening from me lately. I would advise that if you ever get the opportunity to see Okkervil River live - definitely do it. The way Caleb feels about The Hold Steady is the way I feel about Okkervil River - very strongly.

Editor's Note: Seriously guys, if this band continues improving at the same rate they have in the last couple years (last year's criminally overlooked Black Sheep Boy and this year's criminally domestically unreleased Overboard & Down Australia-only EP), the next full length could be a classic.


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