Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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Pitchfork brings us much good news, including a song-by-song review of The Eraser, the upcoming solo album of Thom Yorkee, heroin vacuum. All kidding aside, I swear to God I'll stop posting about Radiohead one of these days. Until that time, Thom Yorke is a God and this album sounds like it will be full of paranoid, post-apocalyptic piano/sampling/ambient-sound goodness. I'm picturing nine different versions of "Pyramid Song" and getting really, really excited.

Radiohead- Pyramid Song from Amnesiac

In more optimistic news, Page France's excellent Hello, Dear Wind is being re-released this fall on Suicide Squeeze records. (I fancy that they're doing it just so they can be eligible for a TBS Recommendation, which they may very well get.) Really excellent Christian-influenced (just like Sufjan!) anthemic indie pop. Reverent but not preachy, familiar but not derivative, poppy yet not glossy - the exact opposite of most Christian music.

Page France- Chariot from Hello, Dear Wind

Page France- Grass from Hello, Dear Wind

Weather report for Sasquatch doesn't look good. In the twenty-ish times I've been to The Gorge, I've never had weather colder than 80, even early in the concert season. God must hate hipsters.


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